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What is Hosting?

In short, hosting is to keep pages, images or documents that are intended to be published on a website on a computer that is accessible to internet users.

Shared Hosting
In such systems, a single server can host a large number of hosting / websites based on the server's bandwidth and physical power, for example; A system to be created from an average home computer can host 100 hosting / web sites while the server is designed to serve as a 7/24 high-capacity special machines in the standard and high density of the site, considering that the site can be opened more than 1000 hosting / website accounts.

Reseller Hosting
On shared hosting servers, this service can be offered, the hosting package that you buy is actually called the reseller package or reseller and is used in the shared hosting servers mentioned above, the only difference is that you can open more than one hosting account from your own panel within a limit of your own. Within the scope of hosting services, our company offers the following services;

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