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What is Domain?

YOU ARE DEFINING YOUR DOMAIN INTERNET TO YOU ... It is undoubtedly the Internet world and what they bring to us. Everything is under our control thanks to the internet we use at home, at work, in our mobile phones, on our tablets. Company information, shopping sites, games, social networking sites, cultural articles and articles, entertainment, sports, lectures ... all lead to an easier and more enjoyable life through internet. When it comes to such a fact, the internet world seems to be quite simple and intelligible. IP numbers, web addresses, hosting, domain name system, and so on. Perhaps these are terms that many of you are strangers to. But they must be on the Internet. One of the most frequently heard terms is the domain name system, as web sites that have entered our lives through the internet and all of us have used it in some way. What is domain? How to answer a question is necessary. It is the name of a web site, meaning the domain name in Turkish. Why these names are needed. Maybe we should think like this. We have a huge world. In this world are the continents, the countries in these continents, the cities in these countries and the ones living in these cities. Of course we have separate living spaces. Our homes, like our work places. In this complex life, we have names in the places we live and work. Finding and reaching what would be difficult if our streets, our sites, our apartments, our business places were not named. Where is the domain when evaluated from this angle? Perhaps you have given a clearer and clearer answer. Each Internet user has an IP number. These numbers contain many numbers. it is very difficult to remember the IP numbers that will guide us when we want to access the information on the computer of an internet user. Here are the names given to them instead of these numbers in order to save users from this difficult situation and easily connect them to the web sites they need. Sorusun may be another answer.

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